May 20, 2022


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The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (2008)

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Born under unusual circumstances, Benjamin Button (Brad Pitt) springs into being as an elderly man in a New Orleans nursing home and ages in reverse. Twelve years after his birth, he meets Daisy, a child who flickers in and out of his life as she grows up to be a dancer (Cate Blanchett). Though he has all sorts of unusual adventures over the course of his life, it is his relationship with Daisy, and the hope that they will come together at the right time, that drives Benjamin forward.

Rating:PG-13 (Language|Brief War Violence|Sexual Content|Smoking)

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Drama

Original Language:English

Director: David Fincher

Producer: Frank Marshall, Kathleen Kennedy, Ceán Chaffin

Writer: Eric Roth

Release Date (Theaters): Dec 25, 2008

Runtime : 2h 47mins

Language : English

Subtitle Language : English



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